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TheStudentCPA.Com Regains its Voice

I  am very excited to be back blogging again. It has been a little over two years since I last penned a blog post. A lot of things have happened since then. For one thing, I managed to earn the CPA credential. Don’t I deserve a round of applause for this achievement? Additionally, the popularity of this blog has grown as it is now averaging monthly traffic five times those from two years ago. TheStudentCPA.Com has become one of the Internet’s most trusted web addresses for finding actionable information on best practices for studying accounting, for grading accounting graduate programs, and for putting together a solid game plan for securing an entry level accounting job. That’s all spiffy and melodious but I truly believe TheStudentCPA.com can achieve a much wider reach while better addressing the information needs of would be accountants from all over world.

I have spent the last few months thinking about the types of topics that would be of most interest to this site’s growing audience. From now and moving forward, some of the subjects that will be covered in my blog posts include but are not limited to: CPA Exam study units, college accounting study topics, practical applications of auditing standards, and the strengths and weaknesses of specific undergraduate/graduate accounting programs. I will also be chronicling some the responses I provide to email inquiries I get from blog visitors seeking my take on some choices they are considering. Those will be “Dear Abby” style of blog posts. As new blog posts get published, please join in the conversation because it elevates the quality of the blog’s content.

As some of you may have already noticed, portions of this blog are only accessible via the purchase of a pass. This trend will continue moving forward. A lot of time and effort goes into maintaining this website and into updating its content. I usually spend quite a bit of time doing research in preparation of composing the high quality blog posts that have become the trademark of this website. Time is an unrecoverable resource and thus should be spent profitably. That’s the reason why I expect to derive a very modest and unsteady income from some of the blog posts that are and will be classified as premium content. I understand if some members of my readership are not in a position to buy viewing passes. They are always welcome to make good use of the free content that is already plentifully available  and that will continue to be expended.

I would like to conclude by thanking all the guests of the TheStudentCPA.Com for their readership, for their support, and for their encouragement. I look forward to delivering on the promises discussed in the preceding paragraphs. Look for a new blog post to be published about a  week from today.



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  1. Comment by Tracy:

    I am late to congratulate you! I just discovered your blog today. You have packed so much info it it I was quite impressed. You have done an excellent job with it, please keep it up! Thank you for helping the rest of us students, I really appreciate it!

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