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Graduate Business School Admissions: The Waiting Game

I am currently going through the final stages of the graduate business school admission process. I intend to enroll in a Master of Accounting program coming this fall. I applied to four different graduate business schools besides the one at my Alma mater: the University of New Orleans. I have already been admitted to two Master of Accounting programs, I am expecting a third admission decision within the next two weeks. I was never concerned with having any of the graduate schools deny me an admission because I made sure to apply to Master of Accounting programs for which my applicant profile met or exceeded each of the program’s admission criteria.¬† It was indeed paramount for me to send admission applications only to graduate business schools that were going to seriously want me to enroll in their Master of Accounting program.

Although my top university choice already sent me an admission offer, I still have to send out a response. This is because¬† I am still waiting to find out if I have been awarded a graduate assistantship. When I submitted my graduate school applications, I was expecting that graduate assistantship offers would be sent along with the admission letters, however that is not the case. It is actually a two step process. The selection of graduate assistants at all five universities will take place during the period going from mid April to late May. It is my intent to earn a Master of Accounting with the lowest of out pocket expense. I have been in communication with the two business schools that have already admitted me and they told me that I was among the select number of admitted students being considered for a graduate assistantship. One of these two universities in question has been somewhat pressuring me to give them a response with regard to its admission offer but I replied that I wouldn’t be making my final decision until I have had the opportunity to find out if I have been selected to receive a graduate assistantship.

Going through graduate school can be a very expensive business proposition, therefore it is very likely my that my ultimate choice will be the one with the least opportunity cost. In evaluating graduate assistantship offers, I will give special consideration to the level of tuition remission as well as the size of the stipend. Unless I am presented with an uncharacteristically compelling graduate assistantship offer, I don’t expect to make a final decision on my business graduate school choice until sometime in May. In any case, if you stick around this blog long enough, you will get to find out which business graduate school I have chosen.


  1. Comment by Ingrid D.:

    hello !
    i just found your blog and i think its very interesting and will help me in the future. Indeed, I’m an international and i intend to apply to the prestigious university of wisconsin MAdison. big challenge for me because i do not have any background in US accounting ( or accounting in my country i must admit). besides, i am a french speaker ! after a glance in your summary, i am pretty sure that your blog will help in my journey ! looking forward to ask some questions about issues thats i will face!

  2. Comment by P:

    I am still in the first step towards my admission. I have not yet applied, but trying to decide which university to apply to. I live in Austin, TX. I am married with a kid so my choices are very limited. Can you guide me as to how good Texas State is for accounting program? I think I will not be in time time to submit my applications to UT…. so really in a turmoil…

    • Comment by Narcisse:

      Hello P:

      Thank you for taking the time to submit your comment. I presume that your inquiry is in regard to Texas State San Marcos. There are a variety of course offerings available as accounting electives as it pertains to the Master of Accountancy program. In other words, there is a variety of specialization tracks you can choose from depending on the combination of accounting electives.

      What I think does not matter..what matters is how you feel about that program. There are two questions you ought to ask yourself: 1) Is a Master of Accountancy the the most appropriate advanced business degree to help you further your professional career; 2) Is the curriculum of the Master of Accountancy at Texas State going to equip you with the additional know how that will be instrumental in your quest to be the most successful you can be in your field of work?

      I hope my response will help you in some way to make the best choice for your particular case. I wish you all the best in your educational and professional endeavors!

  3. Comment by Omar Sadou:


    I am actually going through the same stress. I am still waiting for the answer of a couple of school but so far I had a scholarship from Willamette University for an MBA though. I am still waiting on the other school. I hope it will all work out for both of us.

    • Comment by Narcisse:


      Thank you for sharing your views with regard to this post. Congratulations on being awarded a scholarship by Willamette University. I do hope that you get a very generous financial aid package from your top graduate business school choice! I understand how taxing the graduate school admission process can be, however it is very important not to rush any decision. Be kind to keep us posted on how you fare. I will be doing the same.

  4. Comment by Jose Penate:


    I went to the Schulich School of Business in Toronto. EVERYBODY gets in. It's really a joke. I wish I could get my money back.


    • Comment by Narcisse:

      Thank you for taking the time to submit a comment. I understand you are somewhat disappointed with your Alma mater's relatively low admission standards. I do however hope that you got something out of your graduate business education at the Schulich School of Business in Toronto. I wish you explained what drew you to the Schulich School of Business. Do you think the Schulich School of Business misrepresented its admissions standards to you?

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