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Glad to Be Back in Business

It’s been quite a wile since I filed my last blog post. While I do really enjoy almost any activity that stimulates the intellect, just over three months ago, I determined that my brain cells could seriously benefit from an extended break from most intellectually driven activities before I embarked  in my graduate studies in accounting. As a matter of fact, in less than a week I will be starting the completion of my masters degree in accounting at the University of West Georgia. While I pursue my graduate degree in accounting, I will be simultaneously employed as a Graduate Assistant in one of the university’s academic departments. In one of my previous blog posts entitled Graduate Business School Admissions: The Waiting Game, I explained how important it was for me to obtain a graduate assistantship as it enables me to optimally minimize my out of pocket expenses. In a later post, I will be sharing further details regarding my journey to an admission into a master’s degree in accounting. While I was away from the blogosphere, I did make the extra effort to add additional features to the website. Indeed, The Student CPA weblog now features a “Sample Accounting Tests” page as well as a “Forum” page. The former comes to complement the already very popular “Accounting Lecture Notes” page while the latter offers a discussion and collaboration platform for anybody either enrolled in an accounting course or preparing for any of the accounting professional certifications. I am really excited at the idea of resuming my blogging activities. I will make every effort to improve upon what has already been accomplished so far. You can expect the same high levels of candor and thoroughness that have become the hallmark of almost each and every post or page published on The Student CPA weblog.


  1. Comment by Nate:


    Glad to see you are back to blogging. Congratulations on starting your MAcc and on getting the GA position. I really enjoy your advice and your methodical approach to accounting and life. It is a real skill you have.



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