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If Book Smart Is Good then Well Rounded Is Great

Posted March 7, 2010 By Narcisse

Most of the finance and accounting internships and entry level job descriptions state, among other things, that only individuals with an overall GPA equal to or higher than 3.0 will be considered for employment. In response to this requirement, business students are naturally spending a considerable amount of their college years focusing squarely on their […]

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The pursuit of an accounting degree accounting is not your typical easy walk through the park. It requires a lot of determination reinforced with an attitude of never to be denied. As I went through college, I encountered quite a number of people who gave up on their dreams of becoming an accountant because they […]

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Some of my former college classmates, who were lucky and deserving enough to go work for some of the biggest CPA firms, have recently been venting about their frustration and disappointment as they relate to the lack of work and life balance associated with their professional obligations.  It’s has been little over a year since […]

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The Best of Internet Job Searching Tools (Part 2)

Posted January 30, 2010 By Narcisse

This week’s post is a continuation of the first of the two part series entitled “The Best of Internet Job Searching Tools”. The previous post featured two leading internet job search engines: Indeed.com and SimplyHired.com. Just as I told you last week, I reserved the best for last. Today I am going to share with […]

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