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Where Are Those Entry Level Accountant Jobs?

When I published my last post, I never anticipated it would take me more than three months to write another one. I really wish I could write more often than I have been over the past six months. I am hoping to get much better production out of my blogging activities throughout the upcoming year. Now let’s put the niceties aside and let’s talk about current trends in accounting job opportunities requiring zero to three years of experience. While I haven’t been active in the job market, I nonetheless have been paying very close attention to current trends in accounting related job listings. There has been a surge in entry level accountant job listings since about September 2010. In fact, there has been a substantial number of accounting internships and entry level accounting job opportunities being advertised online.

Many large and medium sized corporations as well as the majority of national and regional public accounting firms have really stepped up their recruiting efforts over the course of the second half of 2010. I know this because I follow a good number of them on Twitter and on LinkedIn. As such, I receive updates whenever those employers publish new job openings.Does this mean it is going to be easier for a job seeker to obtain job interview opportunities? Maybe and maybe not, it all depends. This is because we are still in the midst of one of the most competitive job markets of the past twenty five years. For instance, accounting college graduates from the last three graduating classes find themselves vying for the same staff level accounting jobs as the legion of experienced accounting professionals who regrettably lost their jobs during the Great Recession.

On the other hand, this surge in recruiting means it is going to be easier for a job seeker to conduct a more laser focused job search. In other words, as a job seeker, you now have more freedom in targeting specific companies, or areas of specializations, or industries, or even regions of the country in your job search. I personally believe that targeted job search strategies are more effective than those that are not targeted. This is because a targeted job search strategy emphasizes a job seeker’s strengths and career aspirations whereas a non targeted job search strategy does not.

To those of you out there who have been wondering whether the job market for aspiring as well as relatively experienced accountants is ever going to pick up, I hope this post serves to more or less edify you. If you have understandably grown frustrated or discouraged because nothing concrete has yet to be born out of your career search efforts, I could not think of a better time for you to get re-energized then go back on the offensive.

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