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The Best of Internet Job Searching Tools (Part 2)

This week’s post is a continuation of the first of the two part series entitled “The Best of Internet Job Searching Tools”. The previous post featured two leading internet job search engines: Indeed.com and SimplyHired.com. Just as I told you last week, I reserved the best for last. Today I am going to share with you two of the best kept secrets among online job hunting utilities.

  • TweetMyJobs.com: The folks at TweetMyJobs claim to be the largest Twitter job board. They might as well be right since they currently offer over 7,000 Vertical Twitter Job Channels from over 7,000 companies worldwide. By job channel, you should understand job categories. By signing up to this service free of charge, you can have new job openings served to you right on your mobile phone if you have a smart phone that enables you to stay connected to Twitter. If you don’t have access to Twitter through your mobile phone, you can always use TweetMyJobs.com on your personal computer. The most important feature of this Web 2.0 job board is you can submit applications right from your mobile handset. In this tough economy where employers get flooded with resumes, it pays to be among the first to apply. Here is a video from CNN that showcases how TweetMyJobs.com is changing the face of job hunting.


For those of you who would like to get better acquainted with the capabilities of TweetMyJobs.com,   I urge you to check its FAQ page.

  • LinkUp.com: LinkUp is a web based job postings aggregator that only scrawls companies online career pages. There are over 20, 000 companies websites that LinkUp.com is currently monitoring for new job postings. One of the advantages of LinkUp.com is the fact that your search results  won’t contain some of those suspicious job postings that you are liable to find when using Indeed.com and SimplyHired.com. Additionally, because Linkup.com only focuses on companies internet job boards, you are more likely to uncover jobs postings not accessible through Indeed.com and SimplyHired.com. However, I have to point out that this is also LinkUp.com Achilles’ heel. In other words, if you rely solely on LinkUp.com to conduct your online job search, you won’t find out about job postings that are advertised in your local newspapers and online job boards such as Monster.com and Careerbuilder.com. Another distinguishing feature of LinkUp.com is the fact that when clicking on on your job search results, a new tab opens inside the LinkUp.com website. The tab feature is geared to allow you to browse job postings without having to constantly click on the back button. Here is a shot of the tab feature in action:

Just as it is the case with the other job search engines, Linkup.com enables you to receive updates on specific job search queries through email alerts or through RSS feed  subscription.

This sums up our two part series entitled “The Best of Internet Job Searching Tools”. Some of you must wonder which of these online job search utilities is the most effective. My answer will be they are all effective in what each strives to accomplish. Using a combination of all four of them will increase your chances of uncovering a high percentage of the job postings advertised on the web. Like somebody once told me, job hunting is a numbers game. The more job applications/resumes you submit, the sooner you will be hired.


  1. Comment by Bill Meador:

    Since this post is talking about tne accounting profession, I think you have to include LinkedIn as a mandatory tool for job searching. Anyone who is below ten years in this business needs to create a LinkedIn account and start working at getting over 100 connections. By learning to search your connections, you will find contacts at the firm you want to work at. Having a contact at the firm gives you a huge advantage at getting into the firm by skipping around the HR department.

    You might not think that someone who does not know might not have much incentive to help you. But CPA firms are offering the employees commissions for bringing new hires to the firms so that they do not have to pay recruiter fees. If you are looking for an accounting job as a new hire or you are working at an accounting firm and you do not have a LinkedIn account then get one this week. No excuses !!!! I am telling you this as someone who has been in this business for twenty years and has a father who was in it for twenty years (heh).

    If you would like additional information on how to succeed and make your life easier in a CPA firm then visit my blog for tax preparers at https://profiles.google.com/102226550371121801684.

  2. Comment by Jim Tourville:

    I’m curious what the success rate for using twitter to find jobs is?

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