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The Best of Internet Job Searching Tools (Part 1)

The past eighteen months provided us with a horrible job market. A substantial number of people who lost their jobs at the beginning of the Great Recession are still receiving unemployment benefits because job vacancies have dried up across most industries.  There is a variety of ways to conduct a job search such as leveraging one’s personal and professional networks, attending job fairs, walking in companies’ offices, reading the classifieds, and searching the web.  Because of its pervasiveness and convenience, internet job hunting has become the most widely used avenue for finding job vacancies. Because of the wealth of content available on the internet, it is often difficult to find reliable, relevant, and authoritative sources of information. After a series  of trials and errors, I was finally able to identify four nifty web-based job search aggregators that are constantly updated with mostly legitimate and current job listings. From personal experience, I find it easier to cope with the job hunting related stress when I am able to apply to a couple of jobs every working day.This is since I can wake up every morning looking forward to a phone call because I submitted my resume or/and filled out a few applications the preceding day. I have successfully tried and tested each web based job search tool that I am about to recommend to you. In this first part of  the “The Best of Internet Job Searching Tools” series, only two online job search engines are going to be featured, the other two will be revealed in the second part of this post.

  • Indeed.com: Indeed.com was launched in 2004 and has since literally revolutionized the way online job search is conducted. It used to be that you had to go from one online job board to the next in order to conduct an effective web based job search. Indeed.com is a meta search engine for job listings. In other words, it aggregates job listings from a multitude of sources including but not limited to internet job boards (i.e Monster.com and Careerbuilder.com), the online edition of newspapers, and companies’ career pages. What I personally like about Indeed.com is that fresh job listings are continuously added to the search results. This is awesome because you can conduct you search several times a day as opposed to doing it once daily.  Additionally, Indeed.com provides a set of cool tools that allow you to conduct your job search with greater efficiency. For instance, you can receive new jobs email alerts as per your search criteria or you can subscribe to an RSS feed of new jobs as per your search parameters. Indeed.com is a very powerful, versatile, and yet easy to use job search engine. The following is a video tutorial on how to execute a basic job search with Indeed.com. If you want to get the most of Indeed.com, I suggest that you visit their Search Tips page.


  • SimplyHired.com: SimplyHired.com is another leading job search engine. It is overwhelmingly similar to Indeed.com in terms of features. However SimplyHired.com offers more Web 2.0 features than Indeed.com. The term Web 2.0 is commonly associated with web applications that facilitate interactive information sharing, interoperability, user center design, and collaboration on the web. SimplyHired.com allows you to share specific job search results on Twitter and Facebook. More importantly if you have connections on Linkedin.com, SimplyHired.com features a “Who do I know” tool that enables you to check if any of your Linkedin.com contacts is associated with one of the companies appearing in the jobs search results. Now this is a terrific functionality because you can request a referral from one of your contacts if he/she happens to be associated with any of the companies listed on your job search results. Please click on the following video to watch an overview of SimplyHired.com features. If you wish to optimize you SimplyHired.com user experience, I highly recommend that you visit their Job Search Tools page.


This sums up the first of two parts of “The Best of Internet Job Search Tools”. The other two job search engines will be revealed in the second installment of this series. All I can say for now is it only gets better so be sure to revisit TheStudentCPA.comvery soon.


  1. Comment by Juliet:

    Hi there! I could have sworn I’ve been to this website before but after going through some of the posts I realized it’s new to me. Anyways, I’m definitely pleased I found it and I’ll be book-marking it and checking back frequently!

  2. Comment by Mikee:

    Online Job search have helped employees a lot of time as they can just browse and search their areas of specialization online without walking to offices, reading newspapers or noticeboards. Its also helped employers save a lot of money for adverts… your articles are always on point and thanks for the reviews and updates

    • Comment by Narcisse:


      You are very welcome! Thank you for the positive feedback. The Internet has indeed simplified not only the job posting for employers but but also the job hunting for job seekers. I look forward to seeing more of you around this blog.

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