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A Group of Accounting Firms That Deserves More Publicity

Most people interested in a career in public accounting have heard about the Big 4 firms, the National firms, and the Super Regional firms. In the public accounting industry and in most other industries,  the notoriety of a company is more often than not a function  of its size. Therefore, the largest accounting firms tend to command a great deal of attention not only within the accounting profession but also within the world of academia. However, the world of public accounting goes beyond the largest accounting firms. There are many boutique style accounting firms that get little to no publicity but that provide their services to clients with very particular characteristics. To be more specific, I am referring to the group of accounting firms that almost exclusively assist non U.S. middle-market companies with their foreign direct investments in the USA.

In most cases, the boutique accounting firms in question focus on companies headquartered in one specific country.  The lead partners at those boutique accounting firms are typically Europeans and are familiar with U.S. GAAP, the U.S. Tax Code, IFRS, and the targeted country’s GAAP and Tax Code. If you are fluent in French, German, or Italian, you will be a great fit for those accounting firms since most them provide services to companies domiciled in France, Germany, or Italy. The services provided by those accounting firms range from full cycle cross border transactions advisory to financial audit. The following is a list of eight of those boutique accounting firms.

  1. Barclais USA focuses primarily on French companies that either have operations in the U.S. or plan to enter the U.S. market. Barclais USA has offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, Miami, and New York.
  2. Constantin Serval & Associes also mainly targets French companies that either have U.S. based subsidiaries or intend to expand in the U.S. market. However, Constantin Serval & Associes has been building international alliances in order to diversify their clientele. Here in the U.S., Constantin Serval & Associes has offices in New York and San Francisco.
  3. Funaro & Co. PC mostly works with Italian companies that either have operations in the U.S. or plan to enter the U.S. market. Funaro & Co PC  has offices in  New York.
  4. G+K Grewe Kischkat LLP – Wirtschaftsprüfer and Certified Public Accountants (CPA) offers comprehensive accounting, tax support and tax return services for Germans living and/or investing in the United States and for American expatriates living in Germany. G+K Grewe Kischkat LLP offices are located in New York.
  5. Guiseppe Brusa CPA LLC caters to Italian companies that either have operations in the U.S. or plan to enter the U.S. market. Guissepe Brusa CPA LLC  has offices in  New York.
  6. Rödl & Partner has an annual turnover of about €218M and has offices in 37 countries throughout the world (2010 figures).  Rödl & Partner is a leading German independent legal advisory and audit company with global operations. However in the U.S., it operates more like a boutique firm. Indeed, Rödl & Partner-USA helps German companies with their foreign direct investments in the USA. In the U.S., Rödl & Partner has office locations in Atlanta, Birmingham, Charlotte, Chicago, and Greenville (SC).
  7. Spott, Lucey, and Wall Inc provides services to the U.S. based subsidiaries of foreign companies headquartered in China, France, Germany, and in Spanish speaking countries. Spott, Lucey and Wall Inc. offices are located in San Francisco.
  8. Rowbotham & Company LLP is a certified public accounting firm with accountants, attorneys, and consultants that are focused on providing high-end services to companies with international and multi-state operations. This accounting firm targets foreign companies domiciled in China, France, Germany, Russia, and Spanish speaking countries.

If you are aware of any other accounting firm with the same target market as the ones listed above, please feel free to send their names my way by submitting a comment right below or by sending me a message via the “Contact” page.



  1. Comment by Ingrid deukoue:

    Any updates on this list? Thank you !

  2. Comment by Giuseppe Brusa:

    Our company name is spelled : Giuseppe Brusa CPA LLC

    We need motivated CPA ( two years experience) for our start up offices in S. Francisco, Los Angeles and Miami
    Knowledge of Italian and Spanish language is a plus

    Giuseppe Brusa

  3. Comment by Ellen:

    This is a great blog not only for CPA students or graduates but also for those who are just planning or interested to take up accounting courses. Keep it up!

  4. Comment by Adrian Yates:

    First off Great Blog site 🙂

    Highlighting these “smaller” firms show there are more options out there for new CPA’s but dont forget that many of us start out in even smaller firms or Start-ups, learning lessons from the coal face as they say!

  5. Comment by JO, CPA Candidate:


    I just found out this awesome website via google search engine. Thank you for providing so much useful and in-depth information. I am not a young fresh graduate, just passing the four sections of the cpa exam and looking for career in accounting firms in bay area. Your article referred couple international firms which may probably be my right fit. I don’t have auditing/taxation background but have worked for M&A (buyer side) for 5 years. I will keep you updated about these boutique type accounting firms during my job search. Good luck on your academic life and work life! Let me know if you need any help regarding your CPA designation.

  6. Comment by Angelo Liberati, CPA:

    Narcisse, ‘The Student CPA’ is a great Blog idea for students that are currently studying for their Accounting degree.

    I did work for one of the companies on your list, Funaro and Company, CPAs, PC. It was known as George R. Funaro and Company, CPAs, PC, when I worked there as a Staff Accountant from Monday, January 03, 1994 – early February of 1997. There actually is only one office located in Manhattan – then and now.

    Also, to a much lesser extent, Funaro and Company, CPAs, P.C. – then and now – also caters to French and Asian companies that have operations within The United States of America, primarily in New York City.

    One does not need to speak an Asian language, French and/or Italian – or have a name that indicates that one might be Asian, French, and/or Italian – in order to work at Funaro and Company, CPAs, P.C.

    • Comment by Narcisse Dansou:

      Angelo, I appreciate the compliment and your contribution. I am just trying to help accounting students make informed decisions about the way in which they can leverage their accounting degree and I am glad you have taken notice of it. Could you possibly talk about what it was like working for an accounting like Funaro and Company CPAs, PC?

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