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The Statement of Cash Flows Does Not Lie

Posted March 21, 2010 By Narcisse

From the date I graduated from college in May 2009 until a few weeks ago, I did not haveĀ  a single opportunity to accomplish any reading as it pertains to academic related accounting materials. I was indeed very tied up with completing the different components of the graduate school application process. Researching Master of Accounting […]

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The pursuit of an accounting degree accounting is not your typical easy walk through the park. It requires a lot of determination reinforced with an attitude of never to be denied. As I went through college, I encountered quite a number of people who gave up on their dreams of becoming an accountant because they […]

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So you cleared Principles of Accounting and you are now ready to take on the double headed monster known as Intermediate Accounting. Intermediate Accounting is the only two-semester course sequence that you have to go through in order to obtain your bachelor of science in accounting. Because of the depth and breadth of the topics […]

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This week, I am going to cover the area of management accounting (often referred as managerial accounting or cost accounting): a division of accounting that is given little to no consideration by most students majoring in accounting. Little attention is given to management accounting because most students equate their post bachelor accounting career to working […]

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