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I am currently going through the final stages of the graduate business school admission process. I intend to enroll in a Master of Accounting program coming this fall. I applied to four different graduate business schools besides the one at my Alma mater: the University of New Orleans. I have already been admitted to two […]

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Taking Stock of this Year’s Successes and Failures

Posted December 27, 2009 By Narcisse

It’s quite amazing how fast 2009 has gone by. About twelve months ago, most of us were frightened at the idea of witnessing the U.S. economy collapse, dragging us all into the abyss  of an economic depression. Although it is now safe to say that we all have been spared from an economic depression, most […]

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Are All Masters of Accounting Created Equal?

Posted December 20, 2009 By Narcisse

I recently came across two very interesting posts: Are New Graduates Getting Squeezed by the 150 Hour CPA Requirement? by Francine McKenna at re: The auditors and Are We Asking for Future Problems? by Dr. David Albrecht at The Summa. In both articles, the authors spoke about how the 150-hour credit CPA education requirement is somehow […]

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